Graphene is one of the most exciting new material discovered this decade by 2 scientists at the University of Manchester. They built a new building specially for graphene research and education, and we were asked to propose design for the interior of the building. We designed a journey and assigned different theme to different floor. That way as people walk through the building they will learn about the discovery, showcase, work in progress and the future of graphene.

01 Home

From the street you’d be able to see that this building is the Home of Graphene with facts and timeline going across. As you enter, it’ll greet you with a real time ticker showing how many research and how many scientists are in the building.

02 History

In this first room, you will encounter a replica of a table in which the 2 scientists discover graphene along with their story. In the hallway, informations about the amazing building go along the wall.

03 Showcase

On this floor, you would see how graphene will change the world, what we could or have use this material today.

04 Ambient

05 Future

A digital screen showcasing the future of graphene, also welcoming people that are coming to the many meeting rooms on this floor.

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