What would the cities of the future looks like? This question is getting more and more relevant each day and specially with the students, which will be the ones building the future. WSP is an engineering company that help shape the world, from moving rivers to building skyscrapers to maintaining a palace (literally). To attract young people to work with them, we ask them ‘What could your city of the future be like?’ With a series of questions designed to get them start thinking about what are the things that matters for them and how they could impact how a city is designed in the future. In the end, they would be presented with a city based on their answers and although they are an amplified model of a city, they represent what’s important and a look into what the future could bring.

01 Designing the cities

I did an in-depth research on what the experts think and predict about the city of the future. From transportation, public spaces to energy source, we decided on 6 distinct cities. Working meticulously with our 3D artist, we made sure each cities have their own look, focus and key features.

02 The quiz

Visit the quiz online

We came up with the logic, flow and questions that would make sense, but are not obvious.

03 UK Launch

We brought the quiz to several universities around UK and it’s proven to be quite a hit. The client love it so much, we are bringing it to the US market.

4 Universities

20 Live Hours

300+ Participants

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